West End Thoughts

It's Just Amazing What A Prayer Can Do

There was a king who got a letter from a mighty army without number.  He spread it out there for the Lord to get a view.

God sent a promise and just one angel; that devil's army met it's doom - it's just amazing what a prayer can do!

It's moved mountains, parted rivers, brought the dead to life again - I've called upon an ol' prayer warrior a time or two.

If you're in trouble, I'll go down on my bended knees for you - it's just amazing what a prayer can do!

I see a mama and a baby - he's fought for life the whole night through.  Seems hope was gone, oh how the tears fell, not just a few!

But there sits Grandpa over in the corner - he knew the One Who'd pull him through, and that baby's still alive to show what prayer can do!

June/July 2015